1974_group2In 1974, Jim Gray and colleagues convened the first summer institute of the Bay Area Writing Project at UC Berkeley with two dozen teachers. Over the years this expanding community of educators promoted a radically new vision of professional learning, one that has taken root across the nation. Thanks to their hard work, and the talents and efforts of nearly 100,000 teacher-leaders throughout the U.S., NWP has become a national network of local sites which have served more than two million educators, pre-K through University, and across the curriculum. This is “our NWP.”

In celebration of our 40th year in 2014, we began constructing a living and usable history of our NWP, one that looked forward as well as back. Through our stories, reflections, and artifacts, we better understand what we have been and begin to imagine what we are becoming. This website—Our NWP—is a place to own our rich history and to consider what the future holds for NWP, its sites, and its vibrant network of passionate, brilliant educators. Our NWP is a celebration of our roots as we look forward to the innovation and possibilities to come.